About GONZO247


Artist, Founder & Chief of Operations
Aerosol Warfare, The GASAM Texas

Mario Enrique Figueroa, Jr., also known as GONZO247, was born in Houston, Texas. He was exposed to graffiti and began his pursuit as a self-taught artist in 1985. He opened Aerosol Warfare Gallery, produced the Aerosol Warfare video series, established the Houston Wall Of Fame (the city’s first and largest art production of its kind) and has worked with top brand campaigns that speak to urban communities.  He creates art on a local, national and international level.  He is well known as an upstanding artist and an early-on pioneer in the graffiti and street art genres in Houston, Texas; he manages Aerosol Warfare and continues to create art, murals and team-based productions.

Among his many achievements are: design and painting of the popular, recognizable “Houston Is…” Mural with The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) (Houston, TX 2013); design and painting of the Downtown Public Library Parking Garage Mural (Houston, TX, 2011); production of art for the City of Houston Art Collection at The Houston Permitting Building; interview for the Center for Arts Leadership Archives at University of Houston, (2013); a reference to him and his work in The History of American Graffiti, (2011), his oral history was recorded for The Houston Metropolitan Research Center and much more.  For a full list of achievements please contact us.

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