Houston's second Wall of Fame

Houston's Second Wall of Fame

Holiday Inn Downtown on Main Street
Underground Parking Garage

Aerosol Warfare & GONZO247 with the help of a local property manager Mark Larkin has a hidden treasure of art hidden beneath the streets of Houston. GONZO247 has dubbed it Houston's second Wall of Fame but it truly is Houston's first Underground Street Art Gallery of murals.  

Below the streets of Houston the "Wall of Fame Part II" features mural installs by artists with strong ties to HOUSTON including Donkeeboy, GONZO247, DECK, Nate Nash, DEKS, CUTTHROAT, CAPS, SIEGO, ROYAL, Black Cassidy, Scott Tarbox, Nicky Davis, Christian AZUL, COLORS, MAGIK, J Muzacz, HOSTAL, JESTER, RAT, Skeez181, BESOMEONE, MOE, Gabriel Prusmack, ARTKUNGFU, VURSE, ELES, SMOCK, Bryan Cope, Jessica Rice, Real3, Bristle, Zenfull, Alex Ramos, Bao, BeZerk, Meenr, PEAS, EDU, Dustin North, Christina Limon and more set to install in summer 2017.

A Special Thanks to David Tong for his Photography skills and ability to document the installation process.

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