Aerosol Warfare History

cropped.jpgAerosol Warfare has been supporting the graffiti scene for over 25 years. What started with a quarterly video magazine in the 1990s—grew into collaborations on art projects with other like minded artists.   Aerosol Warfare is defined by years of supporting, promoting and exhibting graffiti and street art nationally.  

Aerosol Warfare the Video magazine was founded by GONZO247 and MERGE360 of UPC, Underground Productions in 1990.  Throughout the years Aerosol Warfare has worked and collaborated with many artists and members of the community who support the urban art form.  Crew members included Bezerk, Reverend Butter, CapsOne, ColorOne, JESTER, Monk also known as Oscar Lopez, Mr. Bristle, NME also known as ChristianAZUL, Speed One also known as Nate Nash and Witnes. Through the years Aerosol Warfare held parties, paint jams, art exhibitions and a brother/sisterhood that surrounded graffiti and other elements of hip hop.  Many of the original crew members and artists have gone on to fulfill successful careers of their own.  In 2000, Aerosol Warfare Gallery opened and showcased over 500 artists including Mark Bode, Futura, Ramm:Ell:Zee, SEEN, Shepard Fairey, COPE2 and other legends. 

Today, led by GONZO247, Aerosol Warfare continues on a mission of creating, sharing and showcasing the graffiti and street art forms. Typical projects include Aerosol Warfare today continues to focus on art projects, collaborations, murals and out-there installations.

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