About Aerosol Warfare


Aerosol Warfare has been supporting the graffiti scene for over 25 years. What started with a quarterly video magazine in the 1990s—grew into collaborations on art projects with other like minded artists.   Aerosol Warfare is defined by years of supporting, promoting and exhibiting graffiti and street art nationally.  They have showcased and supported over hundreds of local and national artists. Some of the national artists they have worked to bring to Texas include Mark Bode, Futura, Ramm:Ell:Zee, SEEN, Shepherd Fairey and COPE2.

Led by GONZO247, Aerosol Warfare continues on a mission of creating, sharing and showcasing the graffiti and street art forms. Typical projects include art productions, murals, curating, public art projects and team-based installations.  

Aerosol Warfare has played a major role as co-founders of Houston's new Graffiti and Street Art Museum of Texas (The GASAM Texas).

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Aerosol Warfare
2219 Canal Street
Houston, Texas 77003
Phone: (713) 570-6594
Email: aerosol@aerosolwarfare.com

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