Aerosol Warfare was first established by GONZO247 and MERGE360 of UPC, Underground Productions in 1990. While out on the streets getting a rush from their chosen artform, GONZO and MERGE documented. From these mini live-action documentaries, Aerosol Warfare, the video magazine was born. Spray painting with one artist flourished into painting with several. Original Aerosol Warfare crew members include Bezerk, Reverend Butter, CapsOne, ColorOne, JESTER, Monk, Mr. Bristle, NME One, Speed One and Witnes. Throughout the 1990′s Aerosol Warfare held parties, paint jams, art exhibitions and a brother/sisterhood that surrounded graffiti and other elements of hip hop. GONZO247 teamed up with ChristianAZUL establishing Aerosol Warfare Gallery in 2000. Over the years, Aerosol Warfare showcased Futura, Ramm:Ell:Zee, SEEN, Shepherd Fairey, Give Up, COPE2 and over 200 others.

Today, Aerosol Warfare Studio is currently hidden deep within Houston’s newly acclaimed EaDO district. The studio is defined by over 20 years of history, art and artists. GONZO247, Aerosol Warfare’s co-founder is the Lead Artist and Chief of Operations for the Houston-based gallery/studio today. Aerosol Warfare specializes in Aerosol Art Productions, Artwork, Graffiti, Curating, Installations, Local & National Collaborations, Exhibitions, Education, Workshops, Events, Promotions, Appreciating and showcasing the outsider/street/graffiti/hip hop arts, Digital Media, Video, Custom Art, Live Art, Public Speaking, Host/Emcee Services and Having a good time! Aerosol Warfare has a passion for sharing personal knowledge and experiences to the community and like-minded, young, and emerging artists.

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