Oscar Lopez (Monk)
Aerosol Warfare Artist Collective Member based in New York, NY

I always had an interest in art and illustration; when I met Christian Azul and GONZO247 I began to become interested in graffiti art. I participated in some of the first art shows that Aerosol Warfare threw and aside from showing my paintings and sculptures I also assisted in the behind the scenes production doing everything from creating artwork for the fliers to building stages for the music. I have always wanted to expand my interest in graffiti art into new and different areas. Eventually I moved from Houston to New York to further my artistic studies and gain a degree in Industrial Design. Currently I reside in Brooklyn and work as an industrial designer as well as search for my next inspiration to delve back into street art.

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“Being part of aerosol warfare means that I will always have the support to express myself and that the other members can count on me to support them.”

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