GONZO247 Exhibitions

2012 “YUMMY! 247”, MKT Bar Gallery at Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Houston, Texas
2012 “Mission Accomplished” Group Show, Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2012 “Space Zombie…” Kallinen Contemporary Gallery, Houston, Texas
2012 “Blow Up L.A.” Group Show, Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2011 “Street Science”, PG Contemporary, Houston TX
2011 “The Big Show”, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
2011 “Perplexed”, Aerosol Warfare, Houston, TX
2010 “Absolut GONZO” Vaughan Christopher Gallery
2010 “Graffiti Foundation” Aerosol Warfare, Houston TX
2010 “Modern Art Graffiti Chairs” Design Within Reach, Houston, TX
2009 “2nd Seating” 20 N Chenevert, Houston TX
2009 “Pieced Together” Touring Exhibition NY, SF, LA, Austin, TX
2009 “Blow Up Houston” (Curator and Artist) Aerosol Warfare, Houston TX
2007 “Also Known As” Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX
2006 “Back in the Day” L Street Gallery, San Diego, CA
2006 “Houston Are You Board? 1” (Curator and Artist) CSAW, Houston, TX
2006 “Houston Are You Board? 2” (Curator and Artist) Mackey Gallery, Houston, TX
2005 “10 Degrees of Seperation” The Bin, Cape Town, South Africa
2005 “Yo, What Happened to Peace?” Transport Gallery, LA, CA
2005 “MADL 2K5” Oulous Repair Shop Gallery LA, CA
2005 “Metal Pig” Gomi Gallery, Austin ,TX
2005 “Weapons Inspections 2” (Curator and Artist) Motive 807, Austoin, TX
2004 “The Monkey Show” Adfunture Gallery, Hong Kong
2004 “Remix” Radici, New Orleans, LA
2004 “Funny Club Show” Rotofugi, Chicago, IL
2004 “Weapon Inspections” (Curator and Artist) McCaig-Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2004 “GRA(FF)ITE” Crewest Gallery, LA, CA
2004 “Premium Goods” Premium Goods, Houston, TX
2003 “Disposable” (Curator and Artist) El Dogg Gallery, Houston, TX
2003 “Art Crawl” (Curator and Artist) Wall of Fame, Houston, TX
2002 “Come’n of Age” (Curator and Artist) Wall Of Fame, Houston, TX
2002 “Eye of the Beholder” OneTen Studios, Houston, TX
2002 “Freezer Burn” (Curator and Artist) DubTex, Houston, TX
1999 “Contents Under Pressure” (Curator and Artist) Wall Of Fame, Houston, TX
1994 “Generation X” Diverseworks, Houston, TX
1994 “Phase II” (Curator and Artist) Summer Street Studios, Houston, TX
1993 “Bombs, Burners, Scribbles & Tags”, (Curator and Artist) REF Studios, Houston, TX

2012 Hennessy x FUTURA Houston Launch, Houston, Texas
2012 DiverseWorks Public Art Walls on The Docks, Houston, Texas
2012 BENJY’s Restaurant Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas
2012 Art in The Park, Midtown Houston, Texas
2012 Orange Show Art Car Parade Channel 39 NewsFix, Houston, Texas
2012 Stavanger, Norway Graffiti Art Project Exchange, Houston, Texas
2012 Monster Jam National Tour – Various Cities
2012 Curator of DiverseWorks Grandalism Houston, Texas
2012 LOCAL FOODS Restaurant, Houston, Texas
2011 City of Houston Permiting Building, Houston, TX
2011 Houston Arts Alliance “P.O.D.A.” Houston, TX
2011 Private Commission, Nigeria, Africa
2010 “Linking you to the World” Houston Public Library Underground Parking Garage, Houston, TX
2010 “Absolut Graffiti Pop” Vaughan Christopher Gallery, Houston, TX
2010 “Grandalism”, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX
2007 “This Old House”, DiverseWorks, Houston, TX
2004 “Cool Fuel Road Trip” TV Show Graffiti Van, Galveston, TX

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