The History of American Graffiti Book

The History of American Graffiti Book published in 2010 is now available on FAB ! THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI (Harper Design; April 2010) is the definitive story behind the most explosive and influential art form of the last one hundred years. Unprecedented in scope, the book traces the evolution of the movement from its early freight train days to its big-city boom on the streets of New York City and Philadelphia to its modern-day influences. Featuring interviews with more than five hundred key artists and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories gleaned from over four-years’ worth of interviews.

It is an honor to have Aerosol Warfare founders GONZO and MERGE listed alongside other old-school graffiti artists such as TAKI 183, IZ THE WIZ, SANE AND SMITH, Barry “TWIST” McGee to REVOK. Although, Houston did not get highlighted as a major City and the authors condensed all of the Texas cities into one chapter titled, Texas; it leaves room for yet more books in the making for major Texas Cities and for artists here to tell a more in-depth story to another person who is qualified and willing to work with artists on that level. The book is a great buy, gives you bullet point history, photos and we are grateful that the authors recognized our founders individual contributions and history in the the graff scene.

Get yours on FAB or Amazon.

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