RED BULL Thre3Style Houston DJ Competition

Last Saturday January 19th Aerosol Warfare rocked it to some killer mix action by some of Houston’s dopest DJs at Red Bull’s Thre3Style Houston event! GONZO247 provided backdrop artwork for the VIP area of Fitzgeralds where DJs waited until it was their turn to rock tha house! Red Bull Thre3Style is a DJ contest that rocks the house all night! DJ’s are judged on track selection, creativity, mixing skills, stage presence and crowd reaction. DJs from Houston battled for the coveted title of Red Bull Thre3style National Champion – a title that comes with a ticket to compete in the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals. They all rocked it hard Saturday, the winner was none other than OG Bobby Trill who last November helped us rock our Rock the Lot party along with his Fam and DJ Collective Bombon! He will go on to compete in the Regional final in Dallas on Feb. 23rd! Only one DJ from there will go on to compete nationally in LA in the spring. Saturday’s event included Host: B-boy Craig, Judges: Big Once, Four Color Zack, The Are, Competitors: Elroy Boogie, Dayta, OG Bobby Trill, Rockwell, Kyle Berg.

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