AW Co-hosted Event: Magnificent 7 Ice Carving Competition

Once again, It was ON at Discovery Green for the 5th annual Magnificent 7 ice sculpting competition sponsored by NUERO! Despite the rain, the crowds gathered to watch 7 of America’s top ice sculptors Slice & Dice tons of Ice! We all had a great time as DJ Caps One ripped the turntables providing the audio bliss. GONZO247 served as co-host of the event and MC for the day. The ice carvers brought their A-Game and wowed the crowds with some award winning sculptures! The day was filled with lots of excitement, especially when one of the sculptures (A 13 foot tall crucifix) came crashing down minutes before judging! Reverend Butter rocked the main stage with DownFall 2012 to close out the event. Winners were awarded cash prizes and chainsaws with custom artwork by GONZO.

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